We place very high importance on food and nutrition which is reflected in the menus and care given to the preparation of the food offered to our residents in all Linden care Homes. We work within the 'Heartbeat Award' framework.

Residents can enjoy a variety of varied and balanced foods

There is no rigid structure to the day. Breakfast is between 7.30 am and 10.00 am, lunch from 12.30 pm and there will be afternoon tea from 4.00 pm, plus a light supper thereafter from 8 pm onwards.

We place the greatest importance on keeping in touch with day to day life. This is why we encourage residents to entertain relatives and friends as often as they wish.

We celebrate birthdays/feast days and other special days in which food and drink play an important part with such items as birthday cakes, Christmas lunch, Easter Eggs and a free drinks trolley.

Why not come in and enjoy a 2-course lunch with your loved ones for just a small charge.

All homes are Food Hygiene rated 5, you can see our ratings here:

Linden Lodge Residential Home
Linden Grange Residential Home
Linden Lodge Residential Home in Dordon